Winter Wonderland

Madame Munchie’s Winter Wonderland

5 unique French macarons with winter inspired flavors. Everything is decorated by hand making each macaron truly unique!



Meet the Walnut Pear Bear, made with delicious walnut butter and pear puree. Everything is made from scratch, using locally sourced pears and walnuts from our friends’ farm in Central California.


The StoneFlake is filled with an exquisite vanilla bean infused “snow” ganache. We use actual vanilla beans that we simmer in heavy whipping cream before pouring it over white chocolate for a flavorful filling.


The Cheerful Chestnut is filled with a double chestnut ganache: chocolate chestnut ganache with chestnut cream filling! This traditional French holiday flavor will keep your taste buds wanting for more.


Our Mint Munch is a can’t miss peppermint bark dark chocolate ganache. One bite into this swirl and your senses will be illuminated!


Our winter box would not be complete without a snowman! Mr Molasses comes with a delicious ginger molasses filling and chocolate decorations. This little snowman will literally melt in your mouth!snowmen 3

Our winter wonderland macarons come in a beautiful gold box and will be available for every winter season.



Happy holidays!